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Dread Installations

  1. How long can you wear your dreads for?

    Virtually as long as you want. If you are looking to dread your natural hair that is. The safe-point is about 2 months (you'll have comb-able baby dreads at this point that you can work out) but I often wear mine for up to 4 months! It's all up to your comfort level and how long you want them in!

  2. Can you wash your hair with dreads in?

    Absolutely! I shower twice a day (and wash my hair/scalp once a day). The trick is washing your scalp, not your dreads. Towel drying takes a little bit longer, but after you've spent a bit of time with them you'll learn your own tricks for getting the job done!

  3. Do synth-dreads grow mold?

    From my experience, no. The difference between natural dreads and synth-dreads (other than the obvious difference in materials) is how tightly the dreads are sealed. With the Kanekalon, the steam 'melts' the dread together, so it's virtually solid. Natural dreads have alot of porous fibres that absorb water, and thus if not taken care of and dried properly, can grow mold.

  4. How long does it take to install a set of dreads?

    I'm down to about an hour and a half. It can take up to 4 hours, however. Especially for someone who has never installed before or is self-installing.

  5. Can you swim with your dreads in?

    Absolutely! I taught swimming lessons all of Summer '10 with my red dreads in (the dye didn't last more than a few days, but the dreads are to this day perfectly fine),

  6. How long does your hair have to be to wear an install?

    Prefferably 3+ inches.

  7. What happens if an elastic breaks?

    This happens over the time that you wear your dreads. The elastics I personally use are fiesty, and take some rough behaviour to break, but they are not invincible. A light shed of elastics IS normal, however if your dreads start falling out, or an abnormal amount of elastics seem to be appearing on your clothing when you're out and about (most elastics break in your sleep, and will be found on your pillow/in your sheets) drop me a line. If you're in the Toronto area you can always pop by and I'll give your head a look to see what the problem is.

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Dread Falls

  1. How long does your hair have to be to wear a dread fall?

    Prefferably long enough to put into a bun, or two buns if you're wearing ponyfalls. If it isn't quite long enough, it can be managed as long as you can get your hair into a HIGH ponytail, and lots of beret clips/bobby pins/hard work.

  2. Does wearing a fall hurt?

    It can, and certainly if you have drunk friends putting them in for you (ahem.. Not dropping any names ;D). It's usually just a bit uncomfortable, especially for the first 20 minutes, because it's a large amount of weight being put on your head. However, wearing a headband that holds the dreads tight to your skull (think Lights style.. a thin headband that covers the bangs and back of your head) can be of assistance, and has certainly saved me a headache or two!

    Fiddle around with them, take them in and out a bunch of times, wear them at home for dress-up and get used to them. You'll find the more your head gets to know your dreads, the happier you'll be :)

  3. Can your hair be too long to wear a fall?

    I personally have never dealt with having 'long hair' let alone hair that is too long, but I'm sure it would be difficult for someone with 5 feet of hair to create a concealable bun to put their dreads over.

  4. How long can you wear a fall for?

    It's really up to you! I never wore mine for more than an entire rave (5-10 hours) but I'd imagine you can, if secured with mutlitudes of bobbypins and such, wear them as long as you like! I wouldn't advise sleeping with them in, more for the sake of your scalp and the pulling that's involved when you toss and turn in the night.

  5. Will going to parties ruin my dreads?

    It shouldn't, although after the wear and tear of a rough festival I can't entirely garuntee they won't get dirty or fuzz up a bit. I will always re-steam and clean your dreads! If you are local in Toronto, that simply means coming over and hanging out for a couple of hours while I work away on em. For someone who is out of town, that means dropping me a line via the submissions page and we will work out shipping back and forth etc.

  6. Can I make my dread-fall into two falls?

    It is possible to seperate your fall into two, however it is always important to remember what a dread count means to concealing your bun or ponytail. A single fall generally holds 40-50 dreads. By seperating the fall you are left with two half-sized falls. A set of two falls (Ponyfalls) that I sell have 35 dreads each, thus just shy of the size of a full fall. This, however, is large enough to conceal TWO buns (which are slightly smaller than one large bun).

  7. Can you mount my fall on elastics?

    I don't generally speaking mount the dreads on a fixed elastic, simply because it makes it harder to re-steam the dreads, and being of a fixed nature, you can't rearrange the fall if you had new dreads that you wanted to include. I CAN mount them on elastic, but please make sure to let me know when you are ordering.

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  1. How many sets of dreads have you had?

    4 Sets of Dreadfalls, and I'm currently up to my 7th installation :P

  2. Which is better, Double or Single ended dreads?

    I'm not even going to bullshit for the sake of being nice; double-ended dreads are the best. They give the maximum amount of volume, they aren't damaged through the installation process, they cover the lace or fabric that holds a fall into place, and they're just over-all easier to install and work with. I hate single ended dreads.

  3. What's your favourite colour your hair has been?

    Blue or Red.

  4. When did you start making dreads?

    I started making my own dreads December 2008. I started selling dreads to close friends Summer 2009, and to the general rave community that year as well.

  5. How many sets of dreads have you made?

    To be quite honest with you, I couldn't count. I try to get pictures of as many sets of dreads as I can, but there have been periods where I have not had access to a camera, or my clients did not want their dreads taken picture of (for sake of not being copied, or because they were going to be worn for a specific occassion, etc.). The pictures on this website are a collection of my most recent, and my best work- and are not my portfolio in its entirety.

  6. Do you wear dreads all the time?

    Generally speaking. I hate not having synthetic dreads- my hair is tempermental and a hassle to deal with on a day-to-day basis, so having dreads limits the annoyances I have to deal with every day and cuts down my getting ready time in half :)

  7. What elastics do you use to install?

    i have found dental grade orthodentist elastics, Calypso Elastics, and Goody brand Elastics work best.

  8. What dye do you use?

    Punky or Special Effects.

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Raving/Drug Culture

  1. How long have you been raving?

    I'm on my 4th year, but to save complications, I have been raving for 3 years.

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