Dread Design

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~The Basics~

Kanekalon (Standard) Smooth Dreads

These are traditional synthetic dreads; made with kanekalon or "KK". They are back-combed thoroughly, twisted tight and sealed with a high-wattage steamer for a smooth, clean-cut look. 

Crochet or Wrappy Kanekalon Dreads

These dreads are high-texture, and each one is 100% one of a kind due to the loose crochet wrapping style I use. These dreads are backcombed and boil-sealed, and can be made with SFX fibres.

Wool Smooth Dreads

These are traditional wool dreads; they are made with merino wool tops, and palm-rolled for a very smooth, light-weight, and uniform look. 

Textured Wool Dreads

These are funky, wavy woolies that are made partially by hand, and then "crinkled" in the washing machine. They are lumpy and bumpy with bits of wave and uneven curl!


Candy Cane (Wool and Synthetic)

These are a mix of either 2 or 3 colors, made to look "swirled" or like candy canes- can be done "messy" or exact precision, it all depends on the look you're after!

Transitional (Wool and Synthetic)

Meaning to go from one to another, transitional dreads can be made to end abruptly, splash into another colour, or be 100% "ombre" or in a gradient fashion.

Bead Accents (Wool and Synthetic)

Have beads of your own you'd like to supply? Write me an email! I am partnered up with Jessie Trott Glass who makes incredible glass beads to wrap into hair. Polymer and pony beads can also be provided, as well as basic wire-wraps, bells - truly anything that you can think of, can be sewn in place on the dreads !

Blended (Wool and Synthetic)

Not to be confused with Candy Canes, these dreads can be a mix of any number of colors, either to match an existing colour, or give a marbled or even highlighted look!

Curly (Synthetic)

These tight ringlets, or loose waves can be made for an entire set or just accents! 

Special Effects Hair (Synthetic Crochet)

Special Effects hair can range from Thermal Colour changing hair (available exclusively through Diversity Hair in the UK!) or Glow-in-the-dark fibre- these are in limited availability, and may extend the time I need to complete your order, but are guaranteed to be absolutely phenomenal - check out the links below to see for yourself!


Angelina Sparkle Fibre (Wool and Synthetic)

Sparkle Fibre is just that- sparkly splashes for your dreads! These cannot be made into full scale dreads of their own, but can be put in as small sparkly highlights throughout, or concentrated in full sparkly waves!

Plaits, Crosses, Braids, etc. (Wool and Synthetic)

(Pictures coming soon!) I can make a variety of braids, faux-roving, horizontal stripes, harlequins, and truly any kind of style you might be in need of. If you have pictures of a certain style you love that I haven't listed, drop me a line on the Contact page with the photo reference and if I haven't already done it but have always wanted to learn how, you may be in store for a discount and my thanks for allowing me to expand my portfolio!